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Saint Lucia Wins Social Media Marketing Award

Saint Lucia Wins Social Media Marketing Award

Saint Lucia has been awarded with the best social media marketing award in the Caribbean because of its very interesting promotion ‘Let Her Inspire You’. It got the award for producing the best social media marketing campaign. The aim of the campaign was to tell and aware people more about Saint Lucia in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom to boost and increase online following and bookings for 2018.

The award was received by the Minister for Tourism. The promotion campaign included 200 unique pictures of Saint Lucia and 10 videos. Saint Lucia increased many followings on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The social media accounts of Saint Lucia got changed from ‘SaintLuciaNow’ to ‘TravelSaintLucia’ to attract people and make them visit Saint Lucia as soon as possible. They also created new hashtags to increase the followers and to tell people that is safe to go to Saint Lucia now. The hashtags were #LetHerInspireYou and #TravelSaintLucia. These two hashtags were created to engage social media users and to allow the promotional content to be discoverable easier.

Saint Lucia is a beautiful place with such eye catchy views and lush mountains and very good hotels with the best spas and other services in very affordable price ranges. Saint Lucia lost its beauty when a very horrifying hurricane hit it and made people think it is not safe for tourists to go there anymore. Because of the hurricane, Saint Lucia lost all its importance and the tourists decreased within a year. This five-month social media campaign ‘Let Her Inspire You’ made 11 million impressions, 20,000 sweepstakes entries and it also spiked the destination’s Facebook following by 33% and Instagram by 21%. Thus campaign made people plan their vacations and go to Saint Lucia.

The social campaign told about different views tourists can explore in Saint Lucia like you can through the rainforest canopy. This means you can escape the beach and start exploring the forest. You can also scale mountains by hiring a local guide and you scale the muddy slopes and enjoy scenic beauty of Saint Lucia. You can also do cycling although you would not see many cyclists there are eight miles of tracks for all levels to do cycling. It is also called heaven for chocolate lovers one of its hotels produces cocoa from its own plantations on the island which is very attractive for chocolate lovers. The warm welcome by the people of Saint Lucia would make you think about spending vacations in Saint Lucia again. You can also enjoy the life of under water in Saint Lucia and expect to see trumpetfish, shoals of little squid and corals. There are fine sandy beaches where you can take sun baths and there are more gorgeous beaches along the west coast such as Anse Chastanet

The social campaign increased to number of tourists and also made people curious about the beauty of Saint Lucia and convinced them visiting it.

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