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How to search for best charities to donate to on the internet

How to search for best charities to donate to on the internet

The Internet is an excellent medium to check for the most authentic charities. It helps you to stay informed about which charity is best to donate to and also how can you donate online. To so, the charity giver should be well aware of some points.

  • Through the internet, you can visit the website of the charity from whom you are getting text messages or emails from and are asking for the donation and can find out which charities are best to donate to.
  • The Internet can also help you in finding the other relevant information about charities by following some resources like Charity Navigator, IRS Select check, guide star, foundation center,
  • There are many fraudulent charities present that have created a look-alike websites and are using them to gain charities. These charities some time ask you about your personal information and can even download some harmful malware on your computer.
  • Some charities even have sound-alike websites; do some Google browsing before to check for the right charity.
  • Also if you find any charity foundation on Facebook or Instagram with loads of followers. Don’t just consider it the right one, even in this situation you need to do some research.
  • The Internet can also be an excellent platform for doing peer to peer fundraising. In this way, you can create a website of a page and can invite your friends and family to make donations. You can collect this money and can donate it to the most authentic charity you want to.
  • Also if you want to do peer to peer fundraising, first you should call the charity you think is best to donate to and can ask for their permission for using their name for the page or website.
  • Also, the internet can be helpful in finding out what is the cost that you will have to pay for making the donation through the website. And what is the original amount that goes to the charity?
  • The Internet can also be used to find where your money is being used. Is it being used for the right cause or not. Who are the people receiving to find out what percentage of your donation will go to the charity and whether you will find it and what’s the impact of the money you donated.
  • The Internet can help you to get the track record of the charities. If their track record is not available online, then it is not an authentic charity to donate to.
  • Be more cautious when donating to online charity after some natural disasters, fake charities make their portals and websites right after the disaster to gain people’s sympathy and money. But they are just shortly formed and may run away with your money afterward.
  • Before making a donation to some natural disaster charity, visit their website and collect information regarding their authenticity and contact numbers also look out if they have some physical location available.
  • If some charity is asking you to donate directly to a bank for some individual or family. Then you should visit the bank’s website and look put for which charities are they providing services to? Check for some trust of deposit account on the name of the family or the individual.

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