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Finding Best Ways To Download Torrents & Files in 2018

Finding Best Ways To Download Torrents & Files in 2018

There are thousands of people who keep on hunting for videos, files, software, and applications. Some even search for operating system downloads. There are many famous sources, but some may not work. You can find the pirate bay alternatives easily. Here are some big sources for you to download

MP4 Websites

It is a video format compatible with many smartphone devices and computers also. It gives a better but not high-resolution results. Users can download or upload this format videos. It is particularly used for videos only. Mp4 websites are good sources to download video files. The space covered by Mp4 videos are less as compared to other formats.

Mobile Download Apps

On Android, every day a new app is released for download. YouTube videos are now downloaded in smartphones via these apps. If you are looking for the new movie, then this is the pirate bay alternatives to download videos. They are integrated once installed. You don’t need to run app every time to download favorite videos.


Multiple users upload movies and important files on Facebook. If you are unable to find a file on pirate bay or torrent, try to search for it in facebook search bar. You will get something relevant. Even if you are unable to download the file, the posts may help you to find the file online. Similarly, Facebook groups are a big source of the file download. Unlike pages, groups have an option to upload files for group members. The members can access those files in the file section. From there they can also download them. So in multiple facebook groups, there are many options to download files instantly.

Media Share

There are multiple portals and websites for media sharing. The purpose of this website is to upload and download content via media share links. Any user can sign up to these websites. Moreover, upload content on it. After uploading, a link will be generated. The user can send that link to other people for downloading. Multiple people can download from that link. However, in some media sharing website, a paid subscription is required if files are crossing a certain amount of data space.


One of the major source where people save their data. With advance privacy settings, a user can upload a file and use it to download later for personal use. These drives sync with computer folders and smartphones. The automatic save data for downloading later. However, if a user opens the privacy settings, it may allow other users to access downloadable file for use.

Google Drive

A cloud solution by Google. In this one, you can even make an excel sheet or a word file. With multiple privacy and access settings, a user can easily decide whether to edit data in files or download it. If the files are not downloadable, the data will be shown in readable format only. It is one of the platforms where people upload files as an alternative to download torrents.

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