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Dominant families in MENA region

Dominant families in MENA region

The term MENA region is referred to as the Middle East and North Africa region. It extends from Morocco to Iran and includes all eastern and western countries. The population of this region is around 381 million people who are about 6% of total world population. This region is sometimes known as Arab world due to similar geographical nature. But it controversial to call this region as the Arab world.

People in MENA region

This region consists of 381 million people. This region includes states of Egypt, Qatar, Syria, Saudi, Bahrain, and Turkey, Kuwait, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Jordan, Oman, Iraq, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. In the Middle East, territories of Palestine are controlled by Palestinian national authority.

As per dekkak, People in this region can be differentiated on the basis of cultural aspects such as language, religion, national identity, and ethnicity. Families with strong religion and language are dominant in the Middle East and North African countries.


All Middle East states contain ethnic groups. But there are some states which do not consist of such ethnic groups such as Turkey, Israel, and Iran. Arabic speaking people are found in the Middle East and South Asia. Due to this fact, all Arab states are included in the Middle East and North African countries. More than 60% of the population in Arab world speak Arabic language and consider themselves as Arab. Other ethnic groups in the Middle East and North African countries are Jewish, Turkic and Persian. Almost 80% of the population in Turkey region belong to Turkic language. 82% of the population belongs to Jewish ethnic group in Israel. On the other hand, around 55% f population belongs to Persian speaking language in Iran. The population of Iran, Israel, and Turkey are considered as minority people.


Like ethnic groups, people in the Middle East and North African countries are differentiated by religion.

Islam: Majority of the population in MENA region belong to the religion of Islam. They practice rules and values of Islam. Islam is a dominant region in the Middle East and North Africa region except some states such as Palestine and Israel. Therefore, Islamic families are dominant in Middle East countries. People in this region belong to different sects of Islam. The majority of the population is the Middle East belong to Sunni sect of Islam. Moreover, in some countries of this region, Shia sect is dominant such as states of Iran, Iraq, Bahrain and Lebanon. On the other hand, people of Shia Islam are found in minorities in states of Yemen, Kuwait, and Lebanon. Other sects of Islam in this region include the Druze, the Ismaili’s, the Ibadism, the shafts, the Alawites and various other Sufi groups.

Other regions: In addition to Islam, people from other religions also live in different the Middle East and North African countries. For example, the majority of the population in Israel is Jews. More than 82% people in Israel re Jews and practice Judaism. Israel is the only country in the Middle East and North Africa region where Islam is not considered as a dominant religion. On the other hand, Christianity is followed by Egypt, Israel, and Lebanon.

So, people from different religions and ethnic groups are found in MENA region. Dominant families in this region are families who belong to the religion of the majority of people which is Islam. Moreover, the major ethnic group is Arabic which shows that dominant families are Arabs in this region.

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